Event Tents Basics

Event Tents Basics

Choosing the right tent for any event or adventure is crucial. Simply having a tent for a wedding is not enough. One wants the guest to be as comfortable as possible so that they can enjoy the function. While many factors determine the choice of the tent, many more things must be taken into consideration after choosing the tent. These include the tent decoration, correct flooring, and even tent lighting.

A Brief History

Tents are not a recent creation. Archeologists dated the oldest tent to 40 000 B.C through carbon dating. However, they certainly looked very different from what we call tents today and the purpose they now serve has slightly deviated. Originally, tents were used for survival and safety. They were the home for many warriors during wars and were the basic homes for many households. Nowadays, tents are rented and used for the purpose of weddings, camping, and parties amongst other functions.

Image of Primitive Tent made with Branches and Black Tarp

Army people and farmers used tents because of the nature of their work. People used tents for protection from the harsh environment. Most tents were made from leather and supported by wood and ropes. Tents could take less than two minutes to set up and could be as small as barely fitting the average adult. With time, tents evolved, and more different materials were used to make them- linen, cotton and so forth. This innovation was mainly led by armies with the drive of creating tents that were more sustainable, more durable, but lighter in weight.

Tents Today

Stretch tents, also known as Bedouin tents, are the most versatile tents that exist today. They can be positioned in various locations and do not need to necessarily be pinned down to the ground. They can be erected on the existing buildings, the ground, and just about everywhere. These tents are made from a free-form fabric that can be stretched into many different shapes depending on the surroundings. Whether it is on the rooftop, in a small space in between buildings or on unleveled ground, the stretch tent can still be set up.

The stretch tents come in many sizes with most of them being waterproof. With the flexibility that comes with using stretch tents, it is no wonder they can be used for just about any event. Stretch tents can be used for party or wedding receptions, at corporate events, kiddies’ parties, festivals, social events and even pool parties. Frame tents are type of tents that have become very popular for large functions. They are characterized by frames that help the tent stand freely without the need of any center poles or tension like with stretch tents. The main difference is that the “poles” that the frame tent has are built into the tent and are all linked to each other, resulting in no center poles or obstructions within the tent.

Frame tents come in many different designs, with most of them looking halls or even homes. Frame tents, however, are very complicated to set up and put down. This can take several hours depending on the size of the tent. The nature of these tents requires them to be set up in a more level ground otherwise the tent will not stand. The beauty of the frame tent lies not only on the way it can look like a hall, but the amount of protection from the environment it provides. It is very durable with very little obstructions and more space to personalize and organize the venue as required. There are many different types of frame tents. They vary in sizes and appearance. Some have windows, while some have none. Some tents have doors while some simply have entrances. The market offers many different types of frame tents and many suppliers can also customize your preferred tent to a certain degree.

A gazebo tent, also known as a pop-up gazebo, is a smaller tent that is supported by poles at its corners. Gazebos are a more suitable choice for events that do not require all the guests to sit in one place. For functions like wedding receptions, gazebos are not the ideal choice. While gazebos are easier to set up in comparison to traditional pole tents, stretch tents, camping tents and pagoda tents, they are simply more suitable just for protection from the sun during outdoor events. Most corporate events, promotional events, golf days, cooking competitions, camping and any other outdoor event that requires emergency shade need pop up gazebos. They are also easier to brand for the many different events, and because of that, they are very popular items for corporate branding. Gazebo manufacturers can customize gazebos with many different colours, designs and branding to suit your needs. Unlike stretch tents, gazebos need to be secured on the ground. This limits the tents’ versatility in comparison to others.

Tent Flooring

Finding the right tent to hire for your wedding, party or corporate function is only the first step. Depending on the event, different types of tent flooring may be necessary. Tent flooring like pearl teak wooden laminate flooring and savannah wooden laminate flooring level the ground for the guests. They can also be used to create the dance floor or enhance the decoration.

Another type of flooring to consider is Astron. Unlike the pearl teak and savannah wooden laminate flooring, Astron can be rolled out even on grass and does not need level ground. Astron gives the venue a clean grassy look and protects the guests from the dusty grounds. Wooden floorings go further and protect the ladies’ high heeled shoes from going into the ground and provide a more comfortable floor to walk and dance upon.

Tent Lighting

Lights can transform a simple event into an exotically breathtaking sight. If the event is happening at night, or is expected to overlap till night, lights must be present. This also assists in the basic navigation of your guests and ensuring that they do not trip and fall over objects. There are many different lights that can be placed in tents. For parties and weddings, parcan lights, LED lights, or even fairy lights can be considered for illuminating the tent. Choosing the goes beyond convenience and price, but the event type, clients’ requests and even decoration.

Tent Cleaning

The tents where events are hosted must be undeniably sparking clean.  This may seem like a small thing to consider, but failure to do this has unfavourable consequences. Clean tents are part of choosing the tent supplier. Furthermore, dilapidated and dirty tents will surely spoil the photos and even decoration. It is important that, for whichever event, the tents are not only the right type, but appealing too. The idea of tents was born out of necessity and lack. Nowadays, the existence of tents continues simply because of the convenience, comfort and their ability to be customized. Tents have evolved in the past centuries and they will continue to upgrade in the upcoming years. The science of tents goes beyond simply choosing the appropriate tent for your function. It includes the tents ambiance and decoration. The science of event planning requires one to take into consideration many factors and many people. The success of hosting an event lies in ticking the boxes off the to-do list knowing that you have provided nothing but the best. And the best reward is not only monetary, but the enjoyment you help bring to the people.