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Hire Marquee Tents

If you’re looking for high quality tents to hire or buy, then consider Apex as your suitable tent supplier.

We offer quality, affordable, waterproof tents to hire for your special event. Our tents are suitable for weddings, parties, corporate events, garden parties, baby showers, bridal showers, conferences and even exhibitions amongst other events. We pride ourselves in only supplying the best, clean and waterproof tents in the industry and our extensive knowledge, experience and expertise ensure that all tents will be installed at the highest level without compromising on safety. Our tents range from stretch tents, pagodas, Bedouins and even gazebosWe are committed to providing quality tents and enhancing the ambience of the tent to suit your event theme.  

Benefits of Marquee Tents

  • Provides protection from harsh and unpredictable weather 
  • Waterproof 
  • Comes in many different sizes and shapes 
  • More room for guests to move around 
  • Transparent aluminum tents give natural light and a more natural feel 
  • Can be set up with weights on grounds that do not allow pinning like tennis courts 
  • Can have different floorings on the level ground 
A marquee tent is characterized by a frame roof and no poles inside the tent. This makes the tent more suitable for events like weddings where the movement of guests is undisturbed and allows for room to have multiple spaces like dance floors. For corporate events, our tents allow for a more versatile space where there can be lounge pockets and cocktail serving areas or even long tables for corporate dinners all under one tent.

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Marquee vs Stretch Tents

Marquee tents provide more peace of mind than stretch tents in terms of protection from the unpredictable weather. While stretch tents serve more as a roof for guests, marquees have a wall-like structure. These tents can be erected on surfaces that are too hard to accept pegs since they are anchored with weight. It makes it possible to set up a marquee tent over a tennis court, tarred parking area or other similar place where the ground must remain undamaged. If the tent is erected on the grass or earth, a hard wood interlocking floor may also be added to ensure adequate water drainage and to give an overall feeling of a more permanent structure. This prevents delicate tables, chair legs and ladies stiletto heels from sinking into the ground.   Whether it is an outdoor corporate function, festival, a kiddie’s party, a cocktail bar, a concert or even exhibitions, our all-weather tents can be tailored to your needs. Although stretch tents may have limited space compared to the marquee frame tents because of the poles within the tent, they are highly versatile and come in different sizes and shapes.

Our Services include:

  • Custom stretch tent design tailored to your needs  
  • Tent lighting to enhance tent ambience 
  • Variety of tent floorings to suit your event 
  • Purchase of tents 
  • Cleaning of tents 
  • Maximise your ROI and request a quote to purchasing. 
  • Tent Hire Services 
  • UV Resistant 
  • We offer a variety of floorings
Our tents come in various sizes suitable for exhibition stands, conferences and can be large enough to host lavish weddings. Marquee frame tents are also highly customizable but are best set up on level ground for best experience and to maximise the available flooring. Our transparent tents allow natural light to come in and give the venue a more natural feel to the event. We also stock transparent and translucent frame tents of various sizes that are available for purchase and hire.  Planning an event is stressful but having a reliable tent supplier like Apex Stretch Tents puts your mind at ease. We deliver the tent at your desired location and have our skilled team set it up for you as you wish. The tent will only be collected the day after the event to ensure that you and your guest can use it overnight. Essentially, Apex Stretch Tents is your one-stop tent supplier that also offers a variety of products that your tent needs.  We look forward to transforming your venue, restaurant or event space with one of our market leading canopy stretch tents – and making your next event one to remember! 

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