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Pagoda Tents

We are a reputable supplier of quality, affordable tents for a variety of events. Our small tents and gazebos are suitable for smaller events like food stalls or garden parties. Our clients are based all over Gauteng with Midrand, Johannesburg and Pretoria being the main areas. The simplicity and elegant feel of our tents provide a unique finishing touch to your event. The PVC material and openness of the tent allows cool air to effortlessly flow in. The guest will enjoy a cool breeze and need not have to worry about stuffiness in the tent. Gazebo and pagoda tents come complete with lightweight, frames for a solid and secure installation. The hard-wearing roof and sidewalls are made from high-grade PVC or polyester with a PVC coating, providing an attractive shelter that is waterproof, fire retardant and UV resistant too.   This tent is suitable for many different occasions including baby showers, golf days and small kiddies’ parties.

Benefits of using our tents

  • Smaller sizes can fit in locations with limited space
  • Perfect for events like exhibitions and golf days that require scattered stands for events
  • Can be combined to form a bigger tent
  • Optional sides of the tent can be fitted for more protection from the weather
  • Tent’s side can be left unfitted
  • Comes in different sizes and shapes
  • Waterproof
  • Ease of assembling and taking down
The clients we serve are based in Johannesburg, Midrand, Centurion and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves with professional and efficient service to our clients. Pagodas and gazebos are perfect for exhibitions, cocktail stands by the pool side or a party for a befitting princess. With the right decoration and furniture, the tent can be transformed into the perfect tent for your event. Pagoda tents come with open sides which may expose guests to harsh weathers, however, Apex offers optional sides that can be put on your tents upon request. This increases the protection provided by the tent and peace of mind for the event planner.

Our all-weather tents are flexible and affordable, and we offer a full installation and pop up service.


Modular & Versatile

Pagoda tents, also called snow peak marquees, are very diverse. They are characterized by their pointy roofs. Our snow peak tents are freestanding roof structures that areas supported by frames and have no center poles. Though very similar to gazebos, pagoda tents are more suitable for a variety of events ranging from parties to exhibitions, concerts and sports events. Pagoda tents are extremely easy to set and take down.  They are more popular for events like, exhibition or sports days as stalls or branding tents. When combined, they can be made to house many people for resting areas or for eating purposes. Many clients choose pagoda tents when their event does not require guests to be under one roof like at weddings.

Wide variety of tents available to transform your outdoor event. Contact our event specialist.


Decoration & Furniture

Stretch tents can act as canopies when set up between existing structures or provide more protection when set up as a cave and have one opening. The free-form fabric of stretch tents allows for the height or size of the tent to be adjusted according to the tension applied through the ropes and poles used. They can also be rigged as a fully closed structure to protect against the weather, or with one, two or all sides up to open the ‘venue’ to an available view. Whether it is an outdoor corporate function, festival, a kiddie’s party, a cocktail bar, a concert or even exhibitions, our all-weather tents can be tailored to your needs. Although they may have limited space compared to the marquee frame tents because of the poles within the tent, they are highly versatile and come in different sizes and shapes.

Tent decoration

  • Draping
  • Different kinds of tent lighting
  • Variety of tent flooring
  • Couches, chairs, bar stools and other furniture can be used
  • Multiple floorings can be used.
  • Floral arrangements
  • Table sets and centerpieces
Even on rainy and unpredictable weathers, our tents are waterproof, and we offer optional sides that can be supplied to fully enclose the tent. With our tents, you wouldn’t have to worry about forking out thousands to hire a venue. We help our clients find the right tents and furniture for their special occasion. Our aim is to be a one-stop supplier for event tents, furniture and decorations. Planning an event is stressful, but having a reliable supplier is one less thing to worry about.

Wide variety of tents available to transform your outdoor event. Contact our event specialist.