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Stretch Tents for Hire

If you’re looking for high quality stretch tents to hire or buy, then consider Apex as your suitable tent supplier.

We offer quality, affordable, waterproof, freeform canopy stretch tents for your special event. Our Bedouin tents are suitable for weddings, parties, corporate events, garden parties, baby showers, bridal showers, conferences and even exhibitions amongst other events. We pride ourselves in only supplying the best, clean and waterproof tents in the industry and our extensive knowledge, experience and expertise ensure that all tents will be installed at the highest level without compromising on safety. Stretch tents are highly versatile temporary structures and they are by far the ultimate cover solution

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Weatherproof, resilient, robust
  • Customise your configuration
  • Can be set up almost anywhere
  • Versatile for all events
  • Variety of sizes and colours
  • Greater Flexibility: A single tent can be rigged in a variety of configurations
  • Numerous entrances and exits can be formed with the tent
  • Heights can be adjusted through tension exerted on the freeform stretch material
Stretch tents are widely popular and have undoubtedly revolutionized the events industry. Most of our tent hire clients are in Johannesburg, Midrand, Centurion and surrounding areas, while we sell our customised tents country wide. Their organic lines, flowing peaks, and elegant feel provide a unique feel and scene to the venue. They create a stunning, atmospheric space for any event. For any event planner, stretch tents are the preferred alternative to traditional tents because they are conveniently easy to set up and can be erected almost anywhere.

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Versatility Of Our Bedouin Tents

Marquee tents provide more peace of mind than Bedouin tents, in terms of protection from the unpredictable weather. While free-form tents serve more as a roof for guests, marquees also have a wall-like structure. These tents can be erected on surfaces that are too hard to accept pegs since they are anchored with weight. It makes it possible to set up a marquee tent over a tennis court, tarred parking area or other similar places where the ground has to remain undamaged. If the tent is erected on the grass or earth, a hard wood interlocking floor may also be added to ensure adequate water drainage and to give an overall feeling of a more permanent structure. This prevents delicate tables, chair legs and ladies stiletto heels from sinking into the ground. The versatility of stretch tents allows them to be erected on the ground and anchored with ropes and poles or, on and around, existing structures like buildings.
Stretch tents can act as canopies when set up between existing structures or provide more protection when set up as a cave and have one opening. The free-form fabric of stretch tents allows for the height or size of the tent to be adjusted according to the tension applied through the ropes and poles used. They can also be rigged as a fully closed structure to protect against the weather, or with one, two or all sides up to open the ‘venue’ to an available view. Whether it is an outdoor corporate function, festival, a kiddie’s party, a cocktail bar, a concert or even exhibitions, our all-weather tents can be tailored to your needs. Although they may have limited space compared to the marquee frame tents because of the poles within the tent, they are highly versatile and come in different sizes and shapes.
Some stretch tents have holes which may let in some of the heat of the sunny day but may not be suitable on a rainy day. The versatility of stretch tents allows them to be set up in gardens in between trees which gives the venue an undisturbed, but sheltered garden event.

Our Services include:

  • We ensure that the tents are clean upon delivery
  • We deliver tents to your desired location
  • Set up the tent where you desire
  • Collect it a day after the event
  • Professional and efficient team
  • Receive a quote tailored to your needs
  • Variety of sizes and colours
  • We offer a variety of floorings
The curves on the roof of the tent can be exploited for ambience. Various decorations on the curving roof like draping or LED lighting can create a warm, cozy but festive feel to the venue. Because of the simple but unconventional shape of a stretch tent it often requires less decoration than pagoda tents or gazebos. Bedouin tents can be erected on unlevel ground or locations where normal tents like frame tents would not be able to be set up. They are highly adaptable and can be made to blend in with its surroundings.

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What makes the stretch an attractive option?

The simplicity and elegant feel of Bedouin tents provide an unconventional look and feel to your event. The PVC material and openness of the tent allows cool air to effortlessly flow in. The guest will enjoy a cool breeze and need not have to worry about stuffiness in the tent.
  • Flexibility: A single tent can be rigged in a variety of configurations.
  • Variety of Freeform Organic, Curvaceous Sculpted Shapes
  • All weather
  • UV Resistant
  • Fire Retardant
  • Reduced manpower required configure a large tent.
  • Quick to set up & dismantling
  • Erected almost anywhere
Planning an event is stressful but having a reliable tent supplier like Apex Stretch Tents puts your mind at ease. We deliver the tent at your desired location and have our skilled team set it up for you as you wish. The tent will only be collected the day after the event to ensure that you and your guest can use it overnight. Essentially, Apex Stretch Tents is your one-stop tent supplier that also offers a variety of products that your tent needs. We are a supplier that is committed to providing quality tents and enhancing the ambience of the tent to suit your event theme. We pride ourselves with supplying for numerous successful events of many sizes and would like to add value to you.

We look forward to transforming your venue  or event space with one of our canopy stretch tents – and making your next event one to remember!